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March 23rd, 2012 in Bingo Tips by billy

Never catching the right side of the luck of the draw can get frustrating, especially if you regularly play with friends that always seem to win. You might wonder how they know how to win bingo and other games of chance, or if they are just naturally lucky. Whether sitting down for a card game online, drawing scratch lottery tickets or lounging at the slots, these players often come out on top. However, what you see as “luck” may actually be something entirely different, especially in online games like bingo.

Contrary to popular belief, games of chance are not all that different from strategizing games. Traditional strategy games, which rely upon a player’s skills and smarts to determine winning or losing outcomes, always have a randomizing element that makes the play dangerous. Similarly, chance games, which rely entirely upon those randomizing devices, can still be influenced by an experienced player. When considering how to win bingo, one of the most popular games of chance in the U.S., this added edge comes from the ability to increase your odds.

Regular bingo game runners typically require players to draw cards from a stack just before a new game. Depending on the type of bingo game you are playing and what type of establishment is hosting the game, rules may be different. If you are playing bingo online, however, cards are automatic. Pattern worth varies with the game, and might include getting all the numbers in a column, diagonal patterns or even filling the whole card.

Many of the same tricks that help win traditional bingo games also work for online bingo. Online players with experience in knowing how to win bingo will recommend playing as many games as possible, increasing your odds. The more you play, the more opportunities you have to win. You can even do this without spending a great deal of your own money. Some websites offer bonuses to attract players, which you can put toward your play. You can get bonuses that match your original deposit, or even double or triple it. This means getting access to games that offer higher prizes without actually needing to pay more.

Increasing the odds of winning also involves playing as many cards as possible in a single game. Although you would not want to overwhelm yourself with cards you cannot keep track of in a traditional bingo game, risking the chance of you missing a number here and there, online games have helpful features you should utilize. How to win bingo can be dependent upon a game’s auto-daub system, which automatically ticks off numbers as they are generated by the game.

Another top technique used by kings and queens of online bingo is to only play in small groups, which increases the chance of winning for all players. The logic here is clear to see. In a group of 200 online players, the odds of winning are only one out of 200. In a smaller group of 30 players, the odds suddenly become one out of thirty, which is much more favorable for everyone involved. However, playing in a large group is not necessarily a waste of time. With larger groups, the winning pot is bigger. Some players will risk poor odds in order to have a shot at winning a large sum of money or prize, while others prefer to keep their chances high.

Author: billy

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